January was full off lots of lovely family session  and over the next couple of day,  I intend to give you a sneak peek into most off them.  But I can’t help but want to start with our lovely afternoon we spent with the Herrod Family.  On our drive out to the house, we sat in the car listening to the weather report and  analysing  the clouds that started to get darker and darker as the time of shooting got closer, by the time we arrived the sky was indicating we were about to be graced with an afternoon storm.    With Brenda, Cel and the kids ready to go, we jumped straight into our session assuming that we may only have a couple of minutes before we had to retreat  but  Something was defiantly in our favour, because an hour and half later photographing and having a great time, we  had forgotten about the dark clouds and they seemed to slowly disappear without even a sprinkle, we  had enjoyed a  beautiful sunset and  taken  advantage  of the soft glowing light ……. defiantly worth popping the champagne over !