I have definatly been a very lucky lucky lady the last week. I was recently given the oppertunity to get a brand new camera. At the studio, we work with amazing highend (& heavy) camera gear and sometimes (especially on my days off) I wished I had a compact camera that I could  just pop in my bag and carry with me everywhere my feet go …………….. and now I do and it’s delightful.

There are so many things I love about my new Fuji Finepix  and putting all the tech specs aside  one of the biggest thing is its Retro look.

For me as a photographer I have two very nostalgic cameras, one the Pentax MESuper which was the very first SLR camera I brought with my first casual job and the second, the first digital camera I owned – a Fuji Finepix s304 which my partner at the time bought back from Japan and it was the newest and most exciting thing ever.

So it only seems fit that the Fuji Finepix X100 was meant to be…………..