It is not uncommon for us to hear from our clients that they have twins and “are we sure we will be able to get some lovely portraits of them together?!?!?”. My quick response is always yes, and that I love twins, absolutely love them, they have an energy that can not be replicated within any other sibling relationship …………and, that I drink a lot of coffee so either way I will have the energy trumps card covered.
I can appreciate that parents want to warn me of the whirlwind, that may whisk through the studio when they come in for their session but I have always had this feeling that Twins are just so much fun that if they bring a whirlwind then I will be ready to catch it.
A couple of weeks ago I have a session with these cute little fellas and yes, I did drink an extra coffee before the session just to ensure I could keep my end of the bargain up for these two 4 year olds but I was once again pleasantly reminded, of my belief that Twins are truly a delight to work with.

The boys had so much fun, they showed me their latest dance moves, they discussed who was the oldest and who was the biggest. We talked about their favourite colours and tv shows and of course they played a little stacks on! And when the session was over I was delighted to see that I had captured these Twins in a perfect manner, a little bit of cheeky with a dash of brotherly love.

My favourite portraits from most our family sessions are the fun wild ones but it was a tough choice this time as when the boys stopped and dreamily looked off to the side, I though to myself…… ahhhhh perfect!

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IMG_6936 copy
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