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It’s that time of year again, when we take the time to honour and thank our Mums, enjoy being Mums ourselves and reflect on the delightful influences of Mothers in Society all around the world.

I have friends (a couple to be precise) who celebrate – ‘the birthday week’. They have the theory that one day just really isn’t enough time to enjoy the celebration of their own birth. It’s really is such a great idea, one day doesn’t feel like enough time to really reflect over the bigger picture of any celebration let alone one that takes 9mths of physical preparation. So last year we decided to go one more and make the Months of April and May- Our Mothers day reflection months.
Through April and May, we will be doing many things at the studio to remember mothers, thank mothers and of course document them. And to start it all off, on Monday we will be starting the popular Super Cute Mothers day Facebook Competition- allowing anyone who comes into the studio in April and May to go into our online poll of the super cutest Mum 2013.

Last years lucky winner Rebecca, received a gorgeous hamper of personalised handmade Items that starred her and her little fellow from their photo shoot. This years prize and details will be announced on Monday 15th April 2013.

In the meantime check out last years ladies –