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While the majority of our sessions are in our studio in Annerley, occasionally we head out of the studio and get to go and meet our new clients in their homes. This is exactly what happened when I was on holiday recently at Coolangatta. While I was down  the coast, a close friend of mine had organised for her friend to have a session with me. They had just welcomed in their second little boy and I was going to be fortunate enough to go meet him. Well, He was a  delight, he ate slept and didn’t really seem all that fussed to have me there, allowing us to capture some incredible moments- and his handsome big brother was on his best behaviour and even had some fun taking his own photos with mums camera.

I love working in the studio but it was such a dream to work at this family’s  beach house, their renovated space was filled with lushes light that came  floating in from big wide window above the couch –just dreamy !