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We always get a bit of a good feeling about a session when the Dad himself, rings and books in for it. Some Dad’s just know when the timing is right to surprise their wives with the most amazing present ever. We have had times when Dad spends a bit of time away working and want to reconnect, we have had times when family unit seems a bit rocky and its been a beautiful way to reground and one of my favourites, when the Dad is the main stay-at-home parent and the Dad just knows how fast time is flying.

In this amazing families case it was a combination of all things fantastic, Mum’s Birthday, a big Wedding anniversary and the fact they have created three beautiful little Humans together. Three brothers.

As soon as these boys came in and the conversation was flowing we saw that the unity these boys had in their brotherhood was  important to document. The love for their little brother was heartmelting.

Well done Dad…