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Last week this gorgeous family came into the studio with little Alyra, who was my first newborn shot of 2017.  Within 5 mins of meeting this 7 day old angel and her spirited big sister Izelia I was reminded why, I think our children are the most amazing things in this world!

They never seem to stop blowing my mind when it comes to how incredible they are…..how they are created, then birthed and then grow from 7 days old to three years in a blink!

Three year old  Izelia was a proud big sister of her new family member and she talked me through everything, how  baby sometimes cries,  how baby sleeps and how baby loves kisses.  And all the time while I was listening to her ( she pronounced it all so beautifully, i might add) I thought to myself- it was once her that small- wow, what Miracles !